Thursday, July 2, 2009

About Government Grants - An Excerpt!

Here is an excerpt from an online article:

No matter what type of business you are interested in establishing, how big or small, who you are, where it is located,there is a business grant, or several, to support your ventures........

You may be able to acquire a small business grant to finance a modest online business run from your home, to minority grant to open an ethnic heritage center in a culturally rich neighborhood, to several generous grants for real estate to establish your own realty company.....

Thousands of stay at home mothers are acquiring day care grants and single mothers grants to start their own day care centers, and make money on day care, while saving on day care and spending more time with their children.....

The generosity on the government's part towards the small business owner is really quite amazing, and the eligibility requirements to receive free government financial aid are really quite few......................

Subject: Grant Research - Can You Help Me?

I am interested in acquiring a government grant to start a business.

Are you available for consultation?

Very Truly Yours
C. T.

Thank you for your email.

It really all depends on what type of consultation that you are needing.

Here are some questions that I require all of my clients to fill out before I start researching grant programs that they may be eligible for.

Questions To Be Answered For Grant Basics 101

Please go to the link above, answer the questions and that will give me a better idea as to what grant programs you may be eligible for.

Unfortunately you have only mentioned that you want to start a business but you haven't mentioned what type of business it is that you want to start?

$25 Million To Spend!

One organization has $25 Million Dollars to spend to help encourage innovative ideas to help advance journalism using the digital medium!

This year a project to build and maintain a crowd-sourced database of primary source material for use by investigative reporters was awarded a grant of $719,000! The grant recipient(s) included a pairing of a well-known newspaper and a non-profit news organization. The project was an initiative that sought to break the habits of reporters who threw stories and documents away after the story faded - whereas those documents were never going to be used again. The four-member team "aims to provide an online database of documents contributed by a consortium of news organizations, watchdog groups and bloggers, and shared with the public at large. Users will be able to search by topic, agency or location. Reporters will benefit from the wisdom of the crowd, which will be able to collaboratively examine large document sets.

This grant program is open to the public! This means that individuals and even for-profit businesses can apply!

Other grant recipients include:

  • A $300,000 was awarded to a website to post mistakes by journalists! The idea is to have those that comment to engage the journalist and discuss whether a correction or additional reporting is warranted. This will be used to help show errors that news organizations make and show which news organizations are responsible to public questions and comments.

  • Another individual received a $200,000 grant to create a downloadable production tool for various mobile phone platforms. The toolkit will include applications for video and audio recording, a distribution tool for mobile content to social media sites and detailed how-to information that outlines what users can do with the phones they have.

  • Another grant recipient received a grant of $250,000 to expand their state's council coverage by a local newspaper and allow them to create a wiki devoted to local legislators.

Publishing files on the Web that were originally created for print publications has always been a challenge, especially for small community newspapers. News organizations have typically solved the problem by creating proprietary publishing systems for their sole benefit. This grant will create new and easy ways to use tools that will allow news organizations to essentially drag and drop articles onto an online news site. The process will save news organizations, particularly small community newspapers, significant time, money and manpower, allowing them to direct their resources to bring their community the news and information it needs.


grants for writers said...

There are lots of options so you can avail of the grant. try researching! it's a big help!

Rose said...

Actually research is a LOT of help! But I think the problem is that a lot of people get frustrated because they are not able to find the information right away and even when they do find the information - if it is about a government grant it just seems that the information and the process of getting a government grant is more complicated.