Saturday, May 23, 2009

How About A Surfing Scholarship?

This scholarship program started in 2007 with only five grants awarded and within one year has expanded to 20 scholarships. This year, 2009, the organization has increased their scholarship program by 100%, issuing 40 scholarships to Under 18 junior surfers from 22 countries. So far over 80 applications from 24 countries have been received!

Grants To Help Pay

For Your Real Estate Career.

If you need assistance paying your education finances then consider applying for a business education real estate grant.If you are thinking of becoming a real estate agent then you might want to look into applying for business education real estate grants. These grants can help pay for your real estate courses. There may also be scholarships available for those that want to pursue a career in real estate as well. These grant (and scholarship) programs may also pay for your living expenses as well as for your educational expenses. You may also be able to use this grant money to pay for your business expenses such as rent for your real estate office and the business equipment that you will need to run the office.

"Green" Grants

Billions of Dollars are now available as part of President Obama's Stimulus Package to help create energy-saving programs! States and even more local areas are eligible to apply for grant money to create energy-saving programs including energy efficiency and conservation.

However there is a deadline of June 25, 2009 to apply for this grant program!

Included in this grant program:

  • At least $500 million for green jobs training.

  • $9.75 billion to renovate schools.

  • $5 billion to weatherize low-income homes.

  • $300 million to replace old appliances with "Energy Star" products.


Imee said...

This is really interesting! I love finding out about unusual scholarships such as this one. I once even found out about scholarship grants for skateboarders! That's really cool because everyone has talents that deserve recognition and rewards, and this is one way to do that.

Rose said...

As someone that does a lot of grant research I have found that there are a lot of "unusual" and different kinds of scholarships!

In fact there is a trend where some of the colleges are even offering grants for 100% of their tuition costs!

But you are right! Because there are a lot of interesting scholarships that are out there just waiting for students to apply for them. As a matter of fact there have been some scholarship programs that have ceased only because not enough people have applied for them which is very sad!

People who are looking for scholarships should know that where there is a will there is a way and that if they really want to attend college with the help of financial aid that there is probably a way that they can do it!

Janna said...

Just like Rose, I've been doing a lot of grant research as well, and a surfing scholarship is actually pretty normal! One of the more unusual ones I've found were scholarships and grants for tall people (how crazy is that? all those lucky giants, haha).

Rose said...

So far I think that the most unusual grant program that I have seen is the one where a witch got a grant to open her store! According to the grant board "her's was the best grant application submitted" and that is why she received the grant to start her business!