Sunday, August 12, 2007

Grant Programs For Single Mothers

For the single mothers out there there are organizations that have grant programs and provide emergency financial assistance to those single mothers that can demonstrate need. You have to realize that these organizations want to help single mothers and that their organizations were started to help single mothers. I know these programs provide a very good service to those single mothers in need.

If you live in Kentucky there is an organization that currently has 85 grant programs available and those women/single mothers who have been victims of domestic violence are given special preference. Talk to a social worker or public agency because they should have the information about these programs.

In my state (PA) there is a program to help those that have a job but low income to help purchase a car. If this kind of program is available in my state then you should check and see if it is available in your state as well.

There are many organizations (and government programs) that help people with their heating bills. I know this for a fact because I have helped clients get into these kinds of programs. These programs help with paying some of your heating bills and will even provide you with a new heating system if yours is beyond repair. Again check with the social agencies because they should have this information.

Caregivers - if you are taking care of a relative then you should also contact the social agencies because there are programs that will pay you to act as caregivers - BUT be sure to read the forms because some of these programs will hold on to the person's assets in order to pay you. If this isn't a problem then you should look into these programs as well.

Now this is going to make you angry but in Kentucky there are 85 grant programs to help people either buy a house or help with financial need and so far this program has been helping those that were born OUT of the United States.

Your very best bet is to find your local social agency because that is what they are there for to help people.

Now there are grant programs to help people that want to start their own business. The bulk of these grant programs require that you submit a business plan - of which you can find examples of online.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find more information on grants for single mothers or grants for other things I believe I might qualify for, but I have had no luck. Please help.

Rose said...

Exactly what kind of help are you looking for? Did you read the blog post? Have you gone to your local social services agency to find out more about these grant programs?

My very first client was a single mother who was looking for grant programs to help start her own business and to help with paying off some of her student loans.

I managed to find 4 grant programs that she was eligible to apply for!

I found all this information online which means that if I can find it then you can find it too. If you haven't found it yet it just means that you have to continue looking until you DO find it.

You should also look at my Grant Basics 101 Website just to find out more information about grant programs that may be available for single mothers.