Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Full-Tuition Scholarships Being Offered For Online Courses!

Over $1 Million Dollars

In Scholarships Being Offered

To Earn An Online Degree!

There is a campaign that has been created to help support those who are under-employed and / or under-educated to help provide financial scholarships that will pay the full cost of tuition for those that want to be able to study online and earn their degree.

You can visit their website to find out more about this online scholarship program.

Please be advised that only a limited number of scholarships will be awarded to those that qualify and apply.

State Is Providing

Both Grants And Loans

To Businesses Both

Small And Large!

In order to help provide job and strengthen their local economy one state has started a grant (and loan) program for both large and small businesses!

Here are some of the grant recipients:

  • one bank received a $900,000 grant!

  • a transportation company got a $90,000 grant

  • a galvanizing business has also won a $100,000 grant!

Also the program has also provided loans to:

  • a brewing company received a $500,000 loan

  • a manufacturing company has received a $1.2 Million Loan!

  • a carpet recycling business has received a $600,000 loan as well!

The funding of these (and other) businesses in that state symbolizes a core strategy for economic development which is to help small businesses survive a recession that has claimed tens of thousands of jobs in the state.

So far one of these funding programs has enrolled 25 small businesses, with the state committing $405,000 of the $5 million originally set aside for the initiative. According to one spokesperson, "participation so far has been disappointing, but he said his office has not promoted the program as well as it could have. He said the funding program is preparing a new campaign to get the word out."

Individual Artists Receive Grant Awards

Grants are being provided to individual artists to help them keep working on their art because culture is vital to a town's civic health - according to a spokesperson of the funding program.

Artists can also apply for program or education grants for ideas that directly benefit the city. The application includes a list of potential collaborators and helpers at local museums, libraries and the like.

In addition to traditional disciplines such as music, dance/theater and literature, the council funds multidisciplinary and cultural heritage projects. Though the dollar amounts are relatively small - $250 to $2,000, with individual artists limited to $1,200 - the council envisions them as a stepping stone for larger awards and outside donations.

You can find out more about this grant program by visiting the sponsoring website.

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