Saturday, December 8, 2007

Seed Money / Emergency Finances?

hi Im r~. I have a judgement debt form a car that got reposeesed of $2,200 debt I was wondering if I get a get seed money from various c(h)arit(a)ble foundations just to help me with assistence. Not nessesarily the whole amoount but some. Please e-mail me back. I need help.


There is a little bit of confusion here. "Seed Money" is generally provided as money to help someone start a business or other project.

But if you are talking about providing financial assistance to an individual / assistance to those that need the money for "emergency needs" then there are many organizations that do this. But again you have to apply for these funds. They are not "automatically" given.

You have to state what you need the financial assistance for specifically.

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