Monday, December 3, 2007

Do You Need A New Refridgerator?

A client of mine just got their new refridgerator today and because of a program that was provided by their utility company!

This isn't a state program but a national one and like most of the government grant programs out there you have to make sure that you are eligible to apply for this program.

This program is provided for low-incomed people and in this case the client didn't even have to fill out a form. A represenative comes out to inspect the home for areas where improvements can be made to help make their utility bills more reasonable.

In this particular case the refridgerator that was at the home was more than 20 years old so a new one was ordered. The new refridgerator was installed and the old one was taken away - all for free - and all that was required was a signature for the order (which was free).

This kind of grant program was started to help low-incomed people with their utility bills. A new refridgerator that is energy efficient uses a lot less power than one that was installed 20 years ago so that was the reason why the new refridgerator was installed.

Remember that this program was put in place to help people who have a low income to better manage their utility bills and this program is not just limited to providing a new refridgerator! Actually I had a talk with one of the agents of this program and she told me that they really weren't supposed to tell people that they may be eligible for new equipment. I guess that I could see her reasoning because if everybody knew about this program and what it can provide then they would probably have more applicants than they could provide this kind of service for. And it is not just limited to refridgerators. Remember this program was put in place so that people could have a more manageable utility bill so if things like one's heating system is beyond repair then you will most likely get a new heating system. There was even one person that got a new water heater - installation and the water heater itself was free!

Why was this program put in place? It was put in place to help low-incomed people to have a more manageable utility bill.

All provided courtesy of our government (and of course the taxpayer's money!)

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