Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Other Sources Of Money?

Unclaimed Money!

Grants are not the only source of "free money" when it comes to our government. There is also such a thing as "unclaimed money". I have started an Unclaimed Money blog that talks about this issue as well.

My last blog entry was about how the state of Louisianna has over $300 million dollars in unclaimed money! As a matter of fact the office is making an effort to process the claims faster so that more people will have more money to shop with during the holiday season. (* - It's interesting to note that with all the devastation that has gone on in New Orleans I didn't see one article about the amount of unclaimed money that was available in the state until now!). You have to remember that the more money that people spend the more in sales tax that will be gotten by the state and that money will be used for the state!

Of course this "unclaimed" money is not just limited to one state. My own state of Pennsylvania publishes a listing of people that have unclaimed money waiting for them. As a person that does research I have started to keep a copy of this information when I get it. I also believe that now since I am posting about this I am going to contact the office to find out more about how people can claim their unclaimed money.

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