Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Are You A Farmer That Is In Need Of A Grant?

Actually agricultural small businesses are eligible to apply.

In my own state of Pennsylvania a syrup-making company received a grant award of over $6,000 because of their energy conservation. This grant program also provides funds to help assist projects developing renewable energy sources and energy efficiency systems.

If you are a farmer and can show energy conservation then you should definitely apply for this grant program that is being offered by the government. This grant program provides funding to help eligible farmers, ranchers and small businesses make existing energy systems more efficient. The department also has other grant and funding programs including funding for day care centers, fire trucks and other community facility projects; the purchase, construction or repair of homes; loans and guarantees to rural businesses to save or create jobs and renewable energy; and loans and grants for water and sewer utility projects.

Other grant recipients of this grant program include a farm in Somerset County that received this grant award for a methane digester on their dairy farm.

Here is an excerpt of what one of the grant recipients said:

It’s not an easy thing (applying for the grant) but it’s not impossible either.

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