Friday, December 7, 2007

Phone Tag???!!!

I really don't like playing the phone "tag" game with people. People will leave me messages on my answering machine and they will usually leave a number for me to call them but I have no idea what time zone they are in or what is a good time to call them thus turning into a phone tag kind of thing. What makes it worse is that they won't leave much information on what type of grant information that they are looking for.

That is why I prefer email instead of playing the phone tag game. When I get an email that leaves a permanent record of the person sending me the email and with email you can send it anytime and the person can reply at anytime.

So if you would like to contact me just go to my Contact Information page where you will see all of my contact information.

As you probably can guess I get all types of inquiries. Some of them are good and some of them are not too good. I state on my Contact Information page that if you are not serious about wanting to find grant information for your project, organization or business then you are wasting your time trying to contact me. My page also states that if you are not a client then any requests that you send for grant information will be returned to you.

I realize that finding grant information can seem quite frustrating but if you are not a client then you will have to find the information for yourself.

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