Sunday, December 30, 2007

Daycare Grants - Questions And Answers

Am I eligible to receive a grant to open a day care center in my home?

You might be eligible to receive funds through your States program. Almost all States provide funds for child care. States and/or local agencies (i.e., county, city, regional offices) may provide services directly or purchase them from qualified providers. Child care is also funded through other grant programs at the state and local level. You can check the web site to find more information about these grants, including the names of your state official and state program contact information for this grant program.

Are there special programs to assist child care programs in rural areas?

I live in a rural area. Can I get a grant to start a child care program? center? family child care home? day care?

The government has programs that offer loans to develop community facilities, which may include child care centers. Public entities (such as counties and cities) and non-profit organizations (under certain conditions) may be eligible for the loans. For details, consult government's web site.

Are there funds available for providing meals in child care?

I heard that the government provides funds for meals. How do I find out who to contact to get these funds? Who should I contact to get funding for serving food at child care? How do I get funds for serving food at my child care center? Are nutrition funds available for child care programs? centers? homes?

Your local state office can provide subsidies for meals and snacks for children enrolled in child care programs. You can obtain information on this subject by consulting their web site.

Where do I go to get funds to start or improve my child care program?

Does my state help child care providers? centers? family child care homes? day cares?

How do I contact my state to get help with starting my child care program?

Where can my families find child care funds?

The state agency responsible for subsidizing child care programs can tell you if funds are available to help you start a new child care program or expand your existing program, and they will let you know how to apply.

What other types of funding programs are available?

Does your program provide funds for youth programs?

What funds are available for youth programs? programs that serve youth?

Funding is also provided to local communities to support young people, particularly runaway and homeless youth, and their families through three grant programs authorized by the government. More information about these funding programs is available via a .pdf download from the government website. (To view the information, you must first download and install the free Acrobat Reader if you have not previously done so.

For more information about the basics of this program you can visit the website.

Grant funding is also provided for research, evaluation, and demonstration programs designed to explore specific issues, evaluate programs, and test new theories. To date the government has funded more than 150 demonstration projects and is currently funding 13 State Youth Development Collaboration projects designed to promote the youth development approach. For more information, you can visit their website also.

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