Monday, December 10, 2007

Grant Money Is Not Guarenteed!

Some people make the mistake of thinking that grant money is guarenteed. It is not! It is only guarenteed AFTER you have been awarded the grant money!

You have to apply for these grant programs. And you have to also realize that you well may not be the only person or organization that is applying for the grant! Sometimes it works in quite the opposite way! For instance the SBA has a particuar grant program that is open for small businesses to apply for. ("Small" meaning having less than 500 employees.) This grant program provides well over $100,000 in grant money. This is a highly sought after grant and there are many businesses that will be applying for it every year - especially if they won the grant the year before!

Some grant applications can be easy. I have examples of grant applications that were only one page long and the only information required by the applicant was how much grant money they needed and what the grant money requested was going to be used for.

Then you have the more complicated grant applications and these are usually from the government grant programs. Soon the government will require all its grant applicants to apply for their grant programs via the government's grant program website. But believe me the government grant programs can be the most complicated to apply for. But on the other side of the coin, the government grant programs usually provide the most in grant money! That's why they are so popular - complicated but popular!

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