Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seeking Investors....

I saw this very interesting tv show tonight. It was all about people wanting to be entrepreneurs by building the next big internet site. They were looking for investors. Interestingly enough there were plenty of investors to go around! But the hard part was convincing the investors to invest.

As I have said many times before the way to getting an investor is with the presentation that you make. This kind of advice has been compared to "telling your story". Tell your story about your product to your potential investors. Tell them why your project would be a good investment for them. Show them "what will be in it for them!"

I have heard investment money amounts like "half a million" and $60,000 being thrown around as potential investment amounts. You can be sure that if a potential investor is going to invest those kinds of monies into your business they are going to want to know "what's in it for them".

I didn't put this information on my Working From Home Blog because I felt that this topic was more grants-related than it was working from home-related.

So if you are seeking investors then you will be quite happy to know that there are still many investors and investment companies out there. But you have to show them why they should invest in your business!

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