Saturday, June 9, 2007

Grants For Starting A Daycare?

I get a lot of email from people that say that they want to start a daycare and they want me to tell them what grant programs are available to them.

The problem is that is all they say. For the most part most of them don't even say what kind of daycare they want to open. I don't know if the daycare they want to start is going to be a for-profit, a non-profit or will it be a combination of both? There are so many questions that have to be answered when one is looking for grant programs that they may be eligible for. That is why every client that I have has to answer the questions that appear here.

Although there are some grant programs that aren't just limited to starting a daycare the more specific you are about the kind of daycare that you want to start the better.

Are there grant programs for starting a daycare? Of course the answer is yes but it will depend on the KIND of daycare it is that you want to start!


Anonymous said...

A pleasant good day! My name is Tammy smith, and i am planning to relocate to Barbados, and i want to open a DayCare starting from the age of 6weeks to approximately 6years old.I need your assistance in assiting me in where i can get a grant from.If you have any questions please email me at I await your kind response.

Rose said...

Thank you for your comment. If you would like to become a client of mine please visit my contact page.

You should also visit my Grant Basics 101 Daycare Blog to find more information about daycare-related grants.