Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"How Do I Become A Client?"

This is another question that I have been asked and the answer appears below:

I am very interested in becoming a client of yours. Please let me know the process I need to follow................................

Here is an excerpt from my grants page:

What kind of services do you provide?

Can you find a grant program for me for free?

What do you charge to help find grants? / Do you accept Paypal payments?

Do you also help apply for the grants?

Each research project is done on a customized basis according to the type of grant that you and/or your organization is looking for regardless of whether you or your organization is a for-profit or non-profit. Included services will be the finding and locating of the available grant programs that can be applied to your project, research of the grant-making organizations and an analysis of them to identify likely funding sources for your specific project and/or organization. The research will include searches from an existing database(s) of all federal, state and local grant programs as well as grant programs offered by non-governmental entities (such as foundations and businesses) that also offer grant programs as well. Research/services may also include non-electronical fact-finding via telephone or written correspondences.

The basic fee is $875.00
* basic fee will increase on July 1, 2007!

(please refer to the payment information page at:

but larger projects may require additional fees based on the scope of the project.

If you want me to find you any grant program(s) and you are not a client, any information that you send to me will be returned to you. I actually never thought to accept Paypal payments until you mentioned it and I have made a provision for PayPal payments. You can find this on my payment information page. If I can not find a grant program for your project, organization or business after the 30 day period, I will refund the cost of the research!

Once you have the information on the grant programs available to you, you can then decide whether or not you will want to apply for them on your own or you can hire me or another grantwriter to prepare the application(s).

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