Sunday, June 17, 2007

Seeking Investors....

Seeking Investors

I keep seeing this alot! People are posting to message boards and forums that they are seeking investors. Then they post that they want the potential investors to contact them by email.

I don't think that this is a very good way to get investors. When you have nothing else to work with then this way is better than nothing but if you're really serious about getting investors then you should really get serious about getting investors.

First there are still investors, angel investors and venture capitalists around. Some of them advertise and some of them don't. But what they are all going to want is to know just how serious you are about your venture. Remember you have to convince them why they should invest with you - "What's in it for them?"

You should be planning and then creating a presentation to present to your prospective investors. How do you find the investors? You look! I remember reading about one guy who was looking for investors and he went to some "millionaire's" club where he got investors from there. I have seen people write a prospectus and present it to potential investors and they manage to get their investment money that way. What is a prospectus? How do you make one? All of this information can be found online.

So the good news is that "yes" there are still investors around but the bad news is that you have to work to get them!

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