Saturday, June 16, 2007

No Grants To Start A Business Huh?

Now comes news of a new grant program that has been created in one state to help encourage women and those that are disabled and want to start their own business. This is just another example proving that there are grants available to start a business - if you qualify. For example in this newest grant program in order to be eligible you have to be a resident of and live in the state that it is being offered to. You must also be a woman or disabled in order to be eligible enough to apply. The grant award is $20,000.

I know that government funding has been cut but that doesn't mean that these grant programs are non-existent. In fact the grant program that I mentioned above was just created! And that says a lot to the comments that you hear about there being no grant programs to start a business.

The people who say this are wrong!

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