Friday, June 29, 2007

"Grant Request"

I got an email from someone asing for a grant request so that they could record their music. This person sent me an email saying how much grant money they were requesting, what they wanted to use the money for and a detailed personal bio of themselves.

Thing number one - this person either neglected to read (and understand) my grants page. This page specifically states that I provide grant research and grantwriting. While they did provide some of the answers to the questions that I ask of all of my clients, they did not answer them all. Here is a quote from my grants page:

"If you want me to find you any grant program(s) and you are not a client, any information that you send to me will be returned to you."

While there are a number of grant programs that this person might be eligible to apply for not hiring me is not going to get them the information about the grant programs that they may be eligible to apply for. They have not done any of the work that is necessary to find this this kind of grant information or they would have found it by now.

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