Sunday, May 20, 2007

Starting A Home Daycare and Grants?

I am trying start a home daycare center and need grant money to help me out with my business. Could you please give me so(me) info on grants for small business for women, etc. I need an name and address so that I can write a proposal for a grant.

Sincerely, S~

Number one it is not as simple as writing a proposal. You have to know the guidelines and the requirements of each grant program you are applying to because no two will ever be the same. Besides there are many grant programs that let you apply online - not all of them but some of them - and that doesn't mean that you should not apply to those that don't have such capabilities - you should (and can) apply to as many grant programs that you are eligible for.

Number 2 you have provided very LITTLE information! Do you have any kind of business plan in place? The one thing that I can truly say about all grant programs is that they are going to want to know WHERE and WHAT the grant money will be used for. So that means you will have to have some kind of plan in place! You should start with a basic form outlying your plans and expenses (at least for the first year). This information can be found on the Internet. Once you have found and compiled this information for your own specific business plan then you can start to look for the grant programs that you are eligible to apply for. Every person/business/organization that is applying for a grant will have their own specific needs and there are just too many possible grant programs out there to just start listing them which is something that I will not do if you are not a client! There is just too much work that is involved when finding grant programs that one is eligible for. Will your daycare be a for-profit, non-profit or a combination of both? Will you be serving low-incomed families? What will your hours be? What will be the age range of the children that your daycare will accept? What programs will you be offering the children? What about meals? Etc.,,,,,,,,, These kinds of questions have to be answered before ANY grant programs can be investigated. Once you start finding these grant programs yourself you will see and know the time and effort that it takes to find these programs. That is why it is done for clients only. Every client of mine has to fill out a basic questionaire so you should take a look at these questions because they have to be answered in order for you to get started looking for the grant funding programs that you may be eligible for.

Lastly there are also a number of entrepreneurial grant programs out there. These kinds of programs are for those that want to start their own business whether it be a daycare, a restaurant or even a film company. Some are specifically geared towards minorities, women and/or both. There is even one grant program that provides grant funding to help people fulfill their dreams! So when you start looking for these programs on your own don't just limit yourself to "daycare" grants. Find as many as you are eligible to apply for and then apply for them.

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