Monday, May 7, 2007

Grants For An Emergency Financial Need

Believe it or not there are actual grant programs for those that have an emergency financial need. These kind of emergency financial needs can include receiving money to pay a car repair bill, paying a rent or mortgage payment and even an emergency medical bill.

But please keep in mind that you have to be able to prove your financial emergency. Usually this will require you showing proof - such as a bill or statement - of your emergency financial need. You may also have to submit an application as well. But if your need is genuine then you should have no problem with this. I have seen payments made to landlords, mortgage companies, heating bill companies, car repair places and even payment made to a moving company. However please remember that you will have to apply to these programs and unfortunately just applying to them does not mean that you will automatically get the money. Your request for money has to be submitted and reviewed just like all the other applications that have been submitted. You don't automatically get the money just because you apply.

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