Sunday, May 13, 2007

Questions Asked And Answered


I somehow ran into your site while doing a research on grant program for child care centers. My husband and I would like to begin the process, however we want to do this the right way and go through the process. Do you do consulting and if so, how much do you charge? We are more than willing to do the leg work, just don't know where to start!

It depends on what you mean by consulting. My general practice involves getting the preliminary answers from my clients. For a look at the questions that have to be answered please go to:

Questions That Have To Be Answered When One Is Looking For Grant Programs That They Are Eligible For!

Once I have adequate answers to these basic questions then I can start finding grant and funding programs that the person or organization may be eligible to apply for. All the grant and funding program information is then forwarded to that person. That way they can decide whether or not they want to apply to the grant or funding program themselves or whether they want to hire a grantwriter (be it me or someone else) to do the grantwriting for them.

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