Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Very 1st (Professional) Grant Client Was.......

Although I was doing grant research and grantwriting before I even knew that people did it professionally my very first client was a single mother that was looking for financial help. She was raising two children alone, plus she was going to school and she was doing an internship in her field of study plus she wanted to start her own business. I found 4 programs that she was eligible to apply for. One was a grant program from an organization that was specifically interested in helping single mothers continue with their education. They provide financial help to help pay back student loans. They also have other financial grant programs to help single mothers. Another grant program that I found for her was from another foundation that had grant programs to help people out financially. The third grant program that I found for her provided grant awards to minorities who wanted to start their own business. The fourth program that I found for her was a program that provided financial assistance to students.

Now these were just 4 grant programs that I found for her. But that didn't mean that she didn't qualify for more because she did! What stands out the most is that she was continuing her education in a certain field of study and I have since come to find out that there are many more grant programs that she is eligible to apply for.

If you are a single mother that is looking for financial grant programs to help you, you should know that there are lots of grant programs out there that you may be eligible to apply for. Even though some would consider this kind of financial assistance a "hand out" a lot of these grant programs exist simply because they want to help people make a better life for themselves. And the people who are most serious about wanting to change their life for the better stand the best chance of being able to get a grant (or two, or three.................)

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