Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Matthew Lesko? My Opinion?

I don't think that you will like my opionion of Matthew Lesko because it is a favorable one.

According to his bio he started out finding grant programs for businesses. When he saw the number of available grant programs out there and the number of people that were eligible for them he decided to tell people about them.

I see that his suit of question marks gets made fun of alot but he has said himself that he used that tactic so that more attention would be drawn to him and to what he was saying about government grants - and it has worked!

I have also read about the allegations that have been brought up against him both legally and vocally.

But as someone that does this kind of thing for a living I can definitely agree with him that there are many grant programs out there that people are eligible for but they don't even know about them.

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