Friday, May 11, 2007

I Got Another Call From A Woman That Wants To Start A Daycare In Her Home

Firstly, for all of you that are thinking about starting a daycare in your home please take a look at my Daycare Basics 101 page. It has a list of questions that you should ask yourself when you're thinking about opening a daycare business in your home. The same questions will also apply if you're thinking of opening a daycare business outside your home.

Number 2 - This page also has a contact link to my email address where you can email me to ask any further questions. What I don't understand is why this woman would call me instead of sending me an email. Other than the clients that I already have, most of the other calls that I get basically all ask the same question and that is "What kind of grants are available to me so that I can start my own daycare business in my home?" This kind of question is not easily answered and that's why I created the Daycare Basics 101 website. Each and every one of my clients has to answer a specific number of questions before I will even attempt to find any grant programs that they may be eligible for. If you take a look at my daycare website you will see that I list at least three grant programs that can be applied for if you are thinking of starting your own daycare in your home. All of those grant programs listed have certain eligibility requirements which means that not everyone can apply. And those are not the only grant programs that are out there for people that want to start their own daycare business whether it be inside or outside the home.

The website also says that you should have a business plan. This is going to be necessary because any organization that is going to award you grant money is going to want to know that you are serious about what you are doing!

So it is not as simple as just asking me about what grant programs are available to start your daycare when I don't even know the specifics of the kind of daycare it is that you want to start. Grant programs just do not work that way!

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