Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Are There Any Grant Programs For Home Improvement?

Are there any grant programs for home improvement(s)? The answer is yes. For example I live in a historical area called LaMott. Because of its historical nature property owners are eligible to apply for a $25,000 grant to make improvements on their property. This grant covers all types of improvements including inside and outside of the property. If you live in a historical area you should check and see if this grant program is available in your area.

Grant programs for home improvements aren't just limited to properties in a historical area. If you are disabled or handicapped and need some improvements made to your home there are grant programs available. If you are a vetern who is disabled then there are grant programs for you too.

There are also grant programs for those that need repairs relating to heating and plumbing. I know of a grant program that exists that will evaluate your heating system and make repairs. If your heating system can't be repaired then you will get a new heating system installed at NO cost to you!

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