Monday, September 15, 2008

Yes, Individual Artists DO Get Grant Awards Too!

There is another city-wide grant program that awards grant money to both non-profit organizations and individual artists!

The purpose of this financial grant program is to recognize the importance of the arts to the cultural, educational and economic well-being of its diverse population and location. The city’s goal is to encourage artistic quality and program innovation by providing funding for arts and cultural programs.

This year alone over $100,000.00 will be awarded!

For over 5 years now this grant program has awarded over $400,000.00 in grant money to both non-profit organizations and to individual artists

Here is just a partial listing of some of the organizations that have received grant money:

  • Black History Society received $2,500

  • Symphony Orchestra received $5,000

  • A Dance Company received $4,000

  • Pipes and Drums Corp. received $500

  • Individual artists received a maximum of $2,000.

For more information about this grant program (and to find out whether or not you meet the eligibility requirement) you can visit their website.

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