Friday, September 12, 2008

"How Do I Get Grant Information Without Paying For It?"

The most simplest way to get grant program information is to do the research yourself.

As far as the government grant programs are concerned you have to understand that since government grants are funded by taxpayers, the government has to make information about their grant programs freely accessible to the public.

They have done that with both having a website devoted to the government grant programs that are out there and they also provide printed publications that you should be able to find at your local library. Even if you aren't able to find the information you can always ask the librarian about it.

Not all grant programs are provided by the government. There are other entities that have grant programs as well and they include non-profit organizations, clubs, associations and even some businesses.

In fact you may be able to find out about grant programs for free if you go to your local social service agency. You should know that these agencies have been established by the government to help people (and sometimes they even get grants theirselves!) and who would know better about government grant programs than them?

Many times I will get people who want me to provide them with information about grant programs and I guess they just don't realize how much work is involved when finding grant programs that one is eligible to apply for.

Everytime I get a new client (or when I get an old client looking for more information about new or other grant programs), they must first fill out a questionaire that I have set up on one of my pages. Filling this out lets me know a lot of information and helps me to pinpoint the kind of searching that I will have to do when looking for specific types of grant programs.

However finding these grant programs is really no secret at all. You just got to keep on searching until you find the information - sort of comparable to finding a needle in a haystack - the needle is there but you just have to find it.

Over 90% of the information that I have found about grant programs has been online. If you have access to a computer you should be able to find this kind of information as well.

After you have been doing this for a while (like I have) you will start to get the information about grant programs mailed to you which helps to make your research more easier.

But to put it simply - to get information about grant programs without having to pay for it the solution is to simply find the information yourself. It is available online and as far as the government grants are concerned information about them is also provide in printed form and you should be able to find them at your library.

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