Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is There A Member Of Your Family That Has Downs Syndrome?

Here is an organization whose purpose is :

  • The education and assistance of individuals with Down Syndrome so that those individuals may realize their full potential to live independently and to contribute to their communities and to society at large.


  • The encouragement of a better understanding of Down Syndrome and support of the study of the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities.

In August of 2008 the Funding Program announced the recent award of four scholarship grants to area residents interested in studying in the field of Special Education. Among the winners honored was a June graduate of high school who has had several years experience as a student aid in the High School Special Education program and will pursue a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Special Education at a University. Also receiving a scholarship upon her recent graduation was one student who has worked as an intern in the district elementary school and with special needs children in a summer camp program. She will attend a state university to pursue her studies! Another recent scholarship recipient is also heading for a degree in Special Education. She has had an internship in the elementary school, working with handicapped children, has been a counselor for three years in a summer camp program and has worked for Family Childcare with a focus on special needs young people.

In addition to the three high school scholarship awards, this funding program has also given a grant to a very deserving individual who currently has a Master's in Education degree and teacher certification from Plymouth State University. She is aiming for a doctoral degree focused on young children, disabilities and psychopathology and their interconnection with community resources and public policy.

This Funding program supports people entering Special Education fields and also programs to support and enrich the lives of families with a Down's Syndrome member.

Here is a partial listing of some of the grant awards that this program has issued in the past:

  • $1,000 Financial Assistance to person w/ Down Syndrome

  • $1,200 Tuition for 10 Down Syndrome Campers

  • $1,440 Therapeutic Riding Lessons - Down Syndrome

  • $1,000 Financial Assistance for 6 year old with Down Syndrome and Leukemia

  • and various tuition payments in the form of scholarships for Special Education programs

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