Sunday, September 21, 2008

What I Do........................................

I am a teacher with 14 year experience, I have triple degress- 3-5 years of age, regular education K-5 grade, and special education Multiple disabilities K-12, and I have my masters in Ele Guidance. I would like to open an "educare" center in my county. Can you help me find grants for doing this? Do you have a book you are selling or do you actually help secure the grants and how much do you charge- thank you g~

What I do quite simply is find the grant programs that clients are eligible for. I send them all the information about the grant programs and then they can decide whether or not they want to apply for the funding on their own or whether they want someone to help them whether it be me or someone else. You can find more information on both my Grant Basics 101 page and my contact information pages.

One thing that you will have to understand about the grant process is that it is a process. You have to submit your application and it has to be reviewed before any grant award decision is made. Applying for a grant does not automatically guarantee that you will get the grant.

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