Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here is a smaller grant program for individual artists!

Here is yet another grant program for individual artists!

Please be advised that this is an announcement of a NEW grant program!

This local grant program for artists will distribute $7,500 through 10 grants to individual artists for various projects!

According to the grants director, "I’m seeing a trend in better prepared proposals from artists. The imaginative projects being submitted for grants reflect an increasingly sophisticated arts community here whose offerings stimulate both economic and cultural growth.

These grants are an investment in human capital, providing direct support to individual artists and arts professionals for projects and activities that have the potential to advance their careers and build their capacity for future work. The grants are awarded three times each year!

Here is a listing of a few of the previous grant recipients:

  • One jewelery artist received $1,000 that will help her to acquire special plating equipment required to create new work that explores a fusion of fine jewelry and fashion. The artist is a jewelry designer interested in challenging traditional concepts of wearable fashion and body adornment. Her inspiration stems mainly from nature and aquatic life.

  • A painter has received a $500 grant will help partially fund printing a catalog of an exhibition that will be used to promote the work of participating artists

  • A playright has received a $500 grant to help create a new multi-media performance work. The grant money received will help the playright acquire video equipment to be used for this and future productions

  • a professional dancer and actress Marisa has received a $750 grant to produce a show featuring her troupe of local performance artists.

Applications for this grant program are reviewed and approved three times over the course of each year, so there are opportunities to apply every four months!

Applications should be for projects and activities occurring between the dates of July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.

This artist funding program raises new money to support a wide range of arts organizations and programs. Its purpose is to provide stable sources of new financial support for the arts, broaden access to high-quality arts experiences, and sustain excellence in the arts and arts administration.

For more information about this grant program please be sure to visit their website.

You can also contact them via phone and / or by email.

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