Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here Is A Grant Program For Your Small Business!

So many times you will read that there are no grants for for-profit businesses but here is yet another example of a "free money grant program for for-profit businesses!

Here is a new grant program that will be starting later next year!

Over $200 Million Dollars has been allocated for this new grant program!

What is this new grant program? Well I have said many times before that grant programs are created to bring awareness to a particular subject and this is a very good example of exactly that!

In order to bring awareness to living a more healthier lifestyle this particular grant program will provide cash grants to small businesses that provide some sort of wellness and / or prevention programs for their employees! These kinds of programs can include:

  • nutrition

  • smoking cessation
  • physical fitness
  • stress management

Companies with fewer than 100 employees qualify for the grants, which will be administered by the government, but only new wellness initiatives -- those launched after March 23, 2010, the date the heath reform bill was enacted -- are eligible.

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