Sunday, November 1, 2009

"I Think You Are A Scam Artist......"

Here is a recent comment that I have gotten:

i just want to say what a scam and rip off artist i think you are one these high class snobs that wants to get rich quick at the exspense of less fortunate honest people..and by reading down thru the page,it sounds to me like you have really got a bad&smart a.... attitude..i am a disabled combat veteran,and i need financial grant help,along with many other veterans,because our fine govt.says they cant help us..then comes along people like you,slivering around like an ole snake scamming people so you can live high on the hog..right now,i dont have $9.25 let alone $925,and i know there is many other people feel the same way..i gave 10 years of my life to help assure your safety and freedom for the soil you walk i think that is worth something........."

It is not only me that thinks that is worth something but our government also believes that it is worth something and that is why there are so many grant and financial programs that are available to veterans like yourself. My own brother is a veteran and he receives quite a few benefits both financial and otherwise from the government and other entities as well.

Please understand that information about government grant programs has to be made accessible to the public which means that you can find information about government grants at your local library and our own government's website as well! As for the other grant programs that are available to veterans from other organizations you need only to start looking and doing some research online - for a start.

If you really need help financially you should start at your local social services agency because that is what they are there for. Our tax dollars are what pays for them to be there.

There are financial grant programs out there that are available for veterans. As a matter of fact there is a grant program that provides a free house to veterans!

Can you tell me anything that you have done to seek any of these programs out? Because they are out there and available for people like you who qualify to apply.

I am glad that you sent me this comment because it further allows me to tell people that there is financial help out there available for those that qualify for it and all they have to do is to start looking for them. Have you started to do that?

Here are just a few of the kinds of programs that are available to eligible veterans:

  • A little-known grant program is available for disabled veterans to help them get started in their own business. The grant award amout can be up to $10,000 and can be explored by contacting your local VA office. You can also write to them using a specific address and you can also e-mail them as well as calling their toll-free number! To learn more, visit their website.

  • There is an organization that injured veterans can apply to receive homes free of any mortgage.

One area is receiving $100,000 for a rebate program, which provides a rebate to people who purchase Energy Star qualified home appliances like air conditioners and water heaters. The purpose of this rebate program is to help reduce residential utility bills!

Aquarium Gets

A $1 Million Dollar Grant!

One aquarium has been awarded 2 grants totaling over $1 Million Dollars! The grant monies will be used for initiatives about the impact of climate change on the oceans.

The grants are to encourage individual action to the problem of climate change on oceans. One of the grants, worth over $900,000 supports a suite of programs to help with one of the aquarium's upcoming exhibits that is related to climate control education. The 2nd grant worth over $500,000 will support the aquarium's participation in a coalition of aquariums that educate about climate change. The grant will help in efforts to create a virtual reality theater show that incorporates the Google Earth technology. The grant will also be used to give staff and volunteers additional training on how best to motivate people to take action against global climate change.

There is a foundation that helps women who have breast cancer and are undergoing surgery and treatment. This foundation provides $500 grants for services such as child care, housekeeping, yard maintenance, in-home pet care, personal errands, transportation, meals, professional photographs, massage, exercise and yoga.

Each woman undergoing treatment is eligible

There are no income criteria

For more information, visit the foundation's website or you can call the foundation's office using their toll-free phone number.

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