Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grant Money For Student Entrepreneurs!

One university here in the United States has a grant program for its student entrepreneurs. This is a grant funding program where students apply for money to advance their own business ideas.

So far $50,000 in grant money has been awarded! In addition to the financial awards, grant recipients will receive counsel from leading business experts on business plan development and funding strategies.

According to one spokesperson for the program, "Participating in this competition is a fantastic learning experience for our students. They are forced to evaluate market potential for their ideas, develop a business case and conduct due diligence".

Those who are selected benefit not only from the financing but they also gain access to business experts and venture capital leaders to determine next steps in the development of their business ideas.

So far over 900 students have received these grant money awards for their start-up businesses. Grants are administered at three funding levels:

  • business design grants at $500

  • assessment grants at $1,500

  • up to $10,000 for integration grants

Past grant recipients include:

  • $5,000 for a designer and manufacturer of light sport aircrafts

  • $1,500 for an online marketplace for booking charter aircraft

  • a business that provides web-based software that offers operational support for solar PV contractors

  • $1,500 for an online business that offers online information and products for urban gardening

  • $500 to a business that provides a web application that alerts patrons to daily specials from local restaurants

  • $500 to a business that provides a debit card for international travelers

  • $500 to a business that offers speed dating through interactive gaming

  • $500 to an Indian senior-living facility in United States

This program benefits students, as well as the local and university community, by stimulating entrepreneurial efforts and starting new businesses.

For more information about this grant program for students you can visit their website by clicking here.


Job Opening

Not only does our government have grant programs they also have many job openings as well! There is currently a job opening in Alaska for someone to work with dogs. The job includes managing a dog kennel and operating and running a dog sled! According to an online article the salary for this job position can be as much as $66,000!

There is even an interview with the person who formally held this position.

You can read the article by clicking here.

Small Businesses


Grant Money

For Energy Programs

2 small businesses have received grant money to build solar photovoltaic systems to generate electricity at their respective places of business.

Says one of the grant recipients, "I've been thinking about doing solar for a long time, for years actually. It's just been so expensive. I found out about that grant this summer."

Unfortunately one of the down sides to this grant program is that the application for the grant is 150 pages long! But that didn't stop the two businesses (one of which is a farming business) from applying for the grant money.

According to a spokesperson for the grant program, "These funds are a good example of the Obama administration's commitment to helping rural businesses become more energy efficient. In the long run, the funding that is being obligated is good for both the economy and the environment."

One of the grant recipients will use the grant money to install 13,000-watt systems at his farm and the storage facility. He hopes to have his systems operating by the end of the year.

The other grant recipient, who has a small business running a tavern, will install one five-kilowatt system on the roof of his downtown business and he hopes to have it operating by early next year.

Grant Programs


Single Mothers!

Single mothers who are living on a low income can now qualify for a number of grant programs. Recently President Obama has started yet another grant program for single mothers who want to go back to school to continue their education.

As for other kind of grant programs that single mothers can apply for here is a recent excerpt:

There are also lots of others grants out there that mothers who want to go to college can apply for. It would benefit all mothers to apply for as many as they can and not rely on just one. Mothers do not have to repay the grant money because it is a government grant that help mothers with low income to go back to school.

The grant money can be used to help mothers tremendously. The money can be used to pay for college expenses such as books, tuition and even daycare while in college.

Also available to single moms who decided to go back to school is a tax program which allows mothers an opportunity to use their first $4,000 as tax free money.

Mothers can study at their local nearby community college, junior college or even study at home online. Many mothers take this last option of studying at home because it's a lot easier to stay home with the kids and at the same time get their college degree.

President Obama has made every effort to help mothers go back to school and get their degree. There's no reason why any mother out there should not take this wonderful opportunity.

There is now also an online website where you can enter a drawing to win $10,000 towards your education.

Registration is required and the deadline to enter is

December 31, 2009

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