Monday, November 16, 2009

A Grant Program To Study Farming!

There is one state that is offering tuition assistance to young farmers who enroll in a farm business management program in that state.

Four grants of $500 per year are available.

Applications are due:

December 1, 2009

You can visit their website for an application or you can contact their office by phone.

Casting Call For Babies!

You can give your baby a chance at a professional photo shoot and a $500 grant for their education!

The winners chosen will get a chance to be a featured face for ad campaigns associated with a program that provides every baby born in 2009 in one particular state with a $500 grant to start college fund. The baby photos will be used by the program and others to spread the word about the grants program.

The program was started in order to fulfill a dream of a well-known philanthropist. It was started as a gift to the state to give every child a $500 start for college. The founder of the program believed the investment in the state's future leaders would go far to improve that state’s economy and that it would cause individual aspirations to flourish.

An event was held a few weeks ago to get the word out about this grant program.

There are no income limits and no additional contributions are needed to receive the grant; however, families are encouraged to add to the college savings. The $500 grant will turn into around $2,000 for college if left entirely alone, however, with a contribution of $50 per month, the account could grow to $25,000 in 18 years, according to the program's data.

Future casting call events for the babies are scheduled for the rest of the year. Parents who want to sign up for the program at the event will need to bring the baby’s Social Security number and will be given a copy of their baby’s portrait. Those who would like more information on this grant can call the program's toll-free number or visit the website for more details.

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