Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Grants For Women - Are There Any?

Are There Grants

For Women?

Are there grants for women ? Are there free grants for women?

Basically the answer is yes but there is a big BUT here! Of course there are grants for women out there and since the definition of a free grant means that you don't have to pay it back then - yes - there are free grants for women that are out there!

However it is going to depend on WHAT you want the grant for! There is no one "free grant program
" for women because it will depend on what you want the grant for.

There are a number of business grants for women
that are out there. For instance there is a "free" grant program for minority women who want to start their own business. This is not a free government grant program but a business grant program that is being provided by an organization. It is a free grant program in that you pay nothing to apply for it and if you win the grant you could receive as much as $20,000 to start your own business. Of course this particular grant program is not just for minority women, it is a grant program for minority people.

There is an investor who is offering a lot of money to those who can come up with a viable business plan. If this investor likes your business plan then he will fund it!

What other kind of grants for women are out there? Many! There are numerous grant and scholarship programs for women who want to return to school. There are even some grant programs that will help pay for daycare for single mothers. There are free grant programs for women writers and artists as well!

If you go to the government's official website you will see that they have grant programs for ALL to apply and of course that includes women as well as individuals and small businesses that are for-profit.

I never quite understood how people could say that the government doesn't have grant programs for for-profit businesses when it says so right on the government website!

Of course the problem seems to be that grant programs for women are hard to find (at least that is what I am hearing) and like I noted above not all grant programs are being offered by the government. There are a number of organizations that have grant programs for women including business grant programs for women. However since they are not government grant programs that may make them a little bit more harder to find. If it was a government grant program you could simply go to the government's official website and look up their government grant programs to find ones that you are eligible for. However the grant programs for women that are not government grant programs are a little bit more harder to find but the majority of them do have websites. It just takes doing some research in order to find them.

Grant Program For

Struggling Actors

There is an announcement of a new grant program for emerging struggling actors that want to pursue an acting career in the United States.

Under the name of a scholarship program this yearly grant program will award $10,000 to an emerging struggling actor who wants to pursue an acting career in the United States.

This year's grant awarded the $10,000 grant to an actor who also received a free airline ticket to go to America!

Next year's finalists for this scholarship / grant program will be announced in February 2010.

Foundation Provided

Over $100 Million Dollars

In Grant Funding!

The grants were awarded to organizations that serve several categories — elder adults, health and disabilities among them.

One of the non-profit organizations that received a grant actually received 2 grants! One of the grants was for $2 million dollars grant so that they could purchase and renovate two buildings!

The 2nd grant was for just over one million dollars to help the organization preserve its mission of affordable housing for moderate income older adults.

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