Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Proposed Grant Program To Help Pay Back Student Loans.....

Although this program is only in the "proposal" stages now this is the procedure of how new grant programs get started all the time!

There is a current proposal underway to start a new state program that will help provide doctors to areas that are medically "underserved".

The proposal includes the offering of grants to help repay education loans and other incentives (including financial incentives) to help make it more attractive to doctors to serve in areas that do not have adequite medical help.

So many people have emailed me and asked me about whether or not there are any grant programs out there to help them pay off their student loans and here is a very good example of a grant program (even though its still in its early proposal stages) that talks about just that!

To find out about other grant programs relating to paying back student loans you can take a look at my Grants Related Page and click on the "Student Loans link that appears near the top of that page.

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