Monday, June 9, 2008

Local Artists Get Grant Awards!

Here is a listing of artists in one state who have gotten grant awards:

  • A University graduate has received a $5,000 grant award that he will use with his group to help produce films and comedy shows.

  • A sculptor who has also received a grant says "It relieves financial worry, but it really makes me feel good about this place. When I tell artists who live elsewhere that my county gives tax money to individual artists, the envy is palpable."

These artists were among 10 individual artists receiving $55,000 in fellowships when their district awarded almost $800,000 in 2007-8 grants!

Also receiving grant money were major arts and cultural groups for general operating support. Some of these grant recipients include:

  • a farm

  • a ballet company

  • a contemporary dance company

    a watercolor artist

  • an opera company

  • a public television station


  • a local radio station

  • A total of $137,415 in grants supporting special projects were awarded to 28 small and mid-sized groups following a competitive review process:

    • A Youth Leadership Group received a $4,450 grant

    • an international festival received $4,000

    • a jazz orchestra received a $15,000 grant

    • a chorus group received a $5,000+ grant

    • a children's choir received a $9,000 grant

    • a Lutheran School received a $2,000+ grant

    • a Firefighter's Association received a $2,500 grant

    • a church received a $5,000 grant

A $10,000 award was given to an individual artist for lifetime achievement.

For more information about this grant program for individual as well as group art organizations you can either reach them by phone or visit their website online for more information about their annualgrant program.

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