Saturday, May 10, 2008

Even Big Companies Like Dell Get Government Grants!

If you still think that there are no grant programs out there then you should read the information below:

Dell, the computer company, will continue to get MILLIONS of dollars in state and local grants. In return the company has promised to create more jobs and invest money in the area.

This comes after a court decision was made when Dell was sued because an advocacy group thought that the government grants that they were getting were benefitting the company more than it was benefitting the community. When the initial court ruling was in Dell's favor, the group decided to appeal but their appeal was rejected by the State Court Of Appeals. The court has ruled in favor of Dell which may possible mean that the computer company will not have to pay income tax on the government grant money that it has received. Basically the decision was that state officials have the right to decide who they give government grant money to.

Texas-based Dell could get up to $278 million in state grants and tax breaks if it makes good on its promise, plus a local package worth $37.2 million that covers taxes and startup and other costs.

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Jack Payne said...

Way back in 1974 I wrote a book, "How to Collect up to $83,501Owed you by the U.S. Government." It was a big seller.

I see not much has changed.