Friday, May 9, 2008

Do You Own A Small Trucking Company? Here Is A Grant Program That You May Be Interested In!

The Environmental Protection Agency has started a NEW $50 Million grant program to help reduce the harmful effects of diesel engine emmissions.

Applications have been accepted as early as last month!

This grant program is targeted specifically towards the smaller trucking companies and larger truckings companies are not eligible to apply! If you own a small business that is not a trucking company you still may be eligible to apply!

*There is still not yet a firm determination as to which businesses qualify as a "small" business yet

The grant program itself provides financial grants for those (small) businesses that want apply for grant money to replace and retrofit diesel engines that predate when the EPA started engine standards 10 years ago. Examples of the diesel engines mentioned includ heavy duty trucks, buses, certain farm equipment and construction vehicles.

Grant recipients can use the money to pay for EPA-verified retrofit and idle-reduction technology, EPA-certified engine upgrades and vehicle or equipment replacements.

Applications can be found at the government website and application submissions will be accepted now. For more information you can visit the government's website and you can also contact them by email.

Here is a direct quote from one of the staff members associated with this grant program:

We intend for this money to go to small companies and small fleet owners that need this kind of support.......”..........“Large companies will not qualify.” ...............................

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