Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Recording Business Receives Grant!

A family-based business that creates children's music CDs has completed one of the first steps in being awarded a grant. Since they have gotten this far they have already received a $10,000 grant. They will now go on to the next phase in order to be awarded the top grant of $50,000!

The family based business has already been established so this "infusion" of money will help to make their business even bigger! The family has already produced one CD, featuring lively and creative songs for kids, personalized with a choice of more than 1,100 names mentioned several times in the lyrics.

A family member was quoted as saying "We understand that music provides an avenue to connect with your children and create long-lasting memories".

The owner, previousy worked as a business analyst and holds a degree in business from the University of Iowa. Another family member, a mother of a 13-month-old, earned her graduate degree from the University of Iowa and is married to a Navy submariner. She set aside her career as a science teacher to pursue her inspiration and manage the business.

"We all love to sing songs with our babies, and we have many memories of singing silly songs while riding in the car or doing dishes with Mom".

Their first CD should be available for sale March 1. You can also listen to samples of the original songs by visiting their website.

Others vying for the money awards are those that want to start a:

  • daycare for kids with special needs

  • Cafe-style restaurant with kid-friendly environment

  • business providing Asian-inspired dog treats

  • doggie daycare

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