Friday, January 11, 2008

Could Your For-Profit Business Use A Government Grant To Help It Become Better?

With all the talk of there being no government grants for for-profit businesses here is yet another one (that will hopefully prove that it is just a myth that there are no government grant programs for a for profit business.

This grant program was put in place to help small businesses conserve energy and help reduce their expenses and energy usage.

So far 48 small businesses across one state will receive $300,000 in grants to incorporate innovative technologies that improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution.

For example one business will install a $73,000 high-efficiency lighting system that will more than pay for itself within 2 years, and save the company $310,000 over 10 years. The lighting system will cut related electricity consumption by more than 56 percent and will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other air pollutants by 229 tons.

Although this specific grant program does not pay for the full cost, it will provide a 50-percent match of up to $7,500 for equipment or processes that reduce energy consumption, promote pollution prevention, and increase profitability. Examples include high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, motion sensors that shut off lights when rooms are empty, and auxiliary power units that allow long-haul truckers to turn off engines during layovers and still have heat and electricity.

Since the grant program has been launched in July 2004, almost $3.5 million has been awarded through 662 grants across the state. The grants announced today will leverage more than $900,000 in private investments.

This grant program is open to small business owners whose business or facility is located within the state. An eligible applicant must be a for-profit business enterprise that is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship or other legal entity that has no more than 100 employees and is a separate legal business entity at the time the application is submitted. Applicants may be manufacturers or service providers.

For more information you can visit the state's website. You can also sign up for a weekly newsletter.

Here is a partial listing of grant recipients:

  • Restuarant received $5,098 for upgraded kitchen equipment to reduce energy costs through energy conservation.

  • Automotive Company received $4,307 for alternate fuel heating system that will burn waste oil.

  • Dry Cleaners received $7,500 for a high-efficiency boiler to conserve energy.

  • 2 Trucking Companies received $7,5000 each in grant money

  • Bridal Boutique received $4,650 for upgraded lighting and new fixtures to conserve energy.

  • Properties Management Company received $7,375 for high-efficiency HVAC equipment to reduce energy costs.

  • Upholstering and Carpeting Company received $6,450 for lighting and insulation upgrades and a waste oil heater that conserves energy through use of an alternative fuel.

  • A Dairy Queen received $7,500 for high-efficiency refrigeration equipment to reduce energy costs through energy conservation.

  • Tree Service Company received $7,500 for high-efficiency HVAC equipment to reduce energy costs through conservation.

  • Recording Company received $7,500 for printing equipment that will reduce waste streams, reduce the environmental impacts of wastes produced, and conserve energy.

  • Insurance Company received $1,675 for high-efficiency HVAC equipment to reduce energy costs through conservation.

For more information you can contact the state's Governor's office by phone.

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