Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Government Doesn't Care About Nurses?

Unfortunately when peop;e don't know (or don't have) the right information about grants they come to their own conclusions. Here is a reply that I posted to some who said that the government didn't care about nurses:

Unfortunately this is not true. As someone that does grant research I can tell you that there are many grant and scholarship programs out there for nurses and the reason is because of the shortage of and the need for nurses.

There are also programs that provide financial help for single mothers. My very first grant research client was a single mother who was looking for financial help with both starting her own business and continuing her education. Since this was a few years back I was able to find her 4 such programs that provided finacial assistance including providing financial help with her student loan. Yes there is actually an organization out there devoted to helping single mothers financially with their student loans.

Just because you can't find the information about these programs doesn't mean that they don't exist - it just means that you haven't found the information yet.

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