Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grants Program For Individual Artists Is Getting It's Funding Back!

You may find it hard to believe but there are still some grant programs around for individual artists! Some of them are for local artists in local areas but there are other grant programs for artists that are on a more national level!

After receiving protests from hundreds of people, a senate appropriations chairman has announced that a grant program for individual artists will be getting its grant fundingback.

Even though there will be a cut in the amount received the grant program will still continue to operate.

Initially the money would have been transferred to another department who would have them given grants to local communities and the rest of the money would be used for other government services.

However after being "bombarded by e-mails from people complaining about the proposed demise of the program a different decision was made!

More information about this grant program:

This grant program administers grants for local communities and individual artists, devoting much of its focus on smaller communities that provide little in local funds. These smaller grants often form the match required for the programs to receive much larger federal grants.

In some ways this is a very good example of people being able to voice their opinions and have them heard and actually get results!

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