Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Available Grant Program For Farmers!

I mentioned on a previous post about there being a grant program for farmers and here is yet another example of a government grant program that is also being made available for farmers!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture already has a free government grant program for farmers. This program offers farmers small grants
to carry out on-farm, practical research, and then to make the results available to their peers.

This specific government grant program, while small in scale, can have a big impact, since they enhance the knowledge and resources that farmers already have, while providing incentive for sharing these with the wider farm community.

One farm that has participated in this grant program has said that they have not only benefited from the free money grant themselves but they have also benefited from the results of other farmers’ projects. As an example the farm converted one of their tractors to run on electric power thanks to the do-it-yourself guide produced by a fellow vegetable-grower who also participated in the grant program.

Another source of "free money" is unclaimed money. Unclaimed money is money that has not been claimed. It may be available as a forgotten bank account or it can be from a number of sources! You may even have money coming to you if you are a relative of a deceased person and there is money from that person's estate that has not been claimed yet!

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