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Curious As To What Kind Of Organizations Receive Grants?

Over $100,000 in grant money has been approved in an state-related arts grant program whose mission it is to improve the quality of life and promote philanthropy in their local area. Below is a partial list of the grant recipients and how much in grant money they received.

If these grant recipients sound similar to the kind of organization that you have then you should find out whether or not your organization is eligible to apply for this grant money as well!

  • A local chorus group received $4,000 to support that chorus's children's festival

  • An Elementary school received over $3000 towards the addition of a multimedia center for integration of the school's curriculum.

  • An Arts organization received $7,500, for a weeklong day camp for youths ages 5-19 to have the opportunity to discover their artistic passion through a variety of mediums, including dance, art, drama, music, puppetry and sign language.

  • Ballet Company received over $5,000, to provide assistance with costume acquisition to add to their permanent collection.

  • A Chorus group received $1,500 to help support the 2009 concert season.

  • One center for the arts received $15,000, to create museum admission fee waivers for participating schools in the local area.

  • One of the local county's 4-H Leader's Association received a grant of $3,025 to provide scholarships for local county youths to attend a summer camp program.

  • A local festival organization received $7,200 to help support their community-based music education program.

  • A $6,000 grant award was provided to provide materials and general support for an after-school program for local area children.

  • A youth ballet company received $6,000 in funding for their 2009-2010 season.

  • A $10,000 grant was awarded to help assist with a traveling music exhibit that will visit schools.

  • One of the local Symphony Orchestras received over $10,000 for transportation and admission waivers for schoolchildren to attend one of their performances

  • A Hip-Hop organization received over $10,000, to help assist with their Boot Camp program for youths in grades 6-12 that provides an urban 4-H experience.

So as you can see, it's not just big organizations and non-profit groups that may be eligible for grant programs.

If any of the grant recipients mentioned above sound like your organization then your organization may be eligible to apply for grant programs such as this one.

Teachers Win Grant Award Money

For Their Own Personal Use!

Several teachers from different schools have each received a grant award of $500 each for their exemplary commitment and achievements. Each grant was given for personal use in exchange for the teachers' commitment to their students, colleagues and their communities. The foundation that sponsors this grant award has said, "This special thank you is a small token of appreciation for all the time and service they dedicate to making our Catholic schools an exceptional place to learn and grow." So far, this grant award program has given out over 500 grants totaling over $450,000 to educators and staff of schools in one local area! In addition to the $500 awards, the Foundation will present Grand Awards of $5,000 throughout the school year.

The Foundation has been able to provide approximately $22 million through hundreds of grants to various religious, educational and charitable organizations within the state during its 50 plus years of existence. In addition, donor-advised funds maintained at the Foundation have accounted for many more grants amounting to millions of dollars over the years.

The grant award recipients are nominated by students, teachers, parents, administrators and community members. This year, the Foundation has formed a committee, with members of its Advisory Council, to read the nomination letters received each month and decide which teachers and staff members will receive the award. The nominations are judged based on traditional merit criteria including tenure and leadership, acts of kindness or charity, Christian example, mentoring and simply going the extra mile for an individual student, family or the community.

Here is a partial listing of recipients who each received the $500 award in recognition of their outstanding service. Each is listed with a comment from the nomination letter submitted on his or her behalf.

  • Physics and AP Physics Teacher - who "works tirelessly to constantly bring new ideas to the kids and challenge them. She is a leader in the classroom and is constantly helping other teachers with ideas for lessons. Whenever she is asked to help with a presentation or in-service, she steps up with a smile. This teacher is the type of spirit we need. Her focus is on family, service and education."

  • 6th- 8th English Teacher - " is a consummate professional and the type of teacher that any school would be blessed to have. She takes the time to connect with each and every student and is the teacher every student feels comfortable going to with confidence that he or she will be treated with love and respect. As I read the criteria for the award, I am struck by the thought that this encompasses all that this teacher represents as an educator."

  • Theology Teacher - "This teacher is so caring about her students and other staff members. She is very involved in her faith as a Catholic and shares her knowledge of the faith in her teachings. She is also unselfish in giving her time, often neglecting her own time for the benefit of the high school where she teaches. She is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever seen."

  • 7th Grade Science/Literature/Religion Teacher - "This teacher is a very outstanding teacher. She never fails to nurture the minds of her students. Every time she teaches a class, she always seems to put a smile on every student. She is also willing to give her time to tutor children after school. She tutors any grade and is happy to do so."

  • 2nd Grade Teacher - "This teacher goes above and beyond the call of duty with everything she does and is very dedicated and very loyal to all of the children in the class. She has never received this award and she would be so grateful for it. She is loved and cherished by many."

  • School Counselor - who is very, very supportive of our student body. Her door is always open and she always returns phone calls and e-mails promptly. She is never judgmental but always very positive and thoughtful. She is fair and kind and "is like the warm hand on the shoulder of our school" and she embodies the best of what it means to be a devoted, excellent Catholic educator."

  • Art Teacher - who does a magnificent job incorporating Catholic values into her art classes. She is always flexible and willing to help others. She coaches for our academic meets, stays late to finish a school project that may have nothing to do with her classes and is always available to provide decorations for any parent project that requires her help. This teacher performs all her duties and those above and beyond her regular duties with a smile.

To nominate a candidate for this grant award, please be sure to visit the Foundation's web site for instructions on the nomination process.

Anyone serving as a full- or part-time employee in a Catholic school located in the local area may be nominated!

For additional information about this foundation, you can contact them by phone or you can visit their website as well.

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