Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Would You Like To Attend College In Florida with Financial Help?

Even though some colleges and universities may be hurting for financial aid there is still a little-known state program that provides grants for Florida residents who choose a private school! All permanent Florida residents attending in-state private colleges or universities are eligible for this grant program!

For example at one University in Florida ALL undergraduate students are eligible to get scholarship which starts at $7,500 for an incoming freshman and can go as high as $14,000!

There are also a number of state assistance programs that are available at a number of private colleges as well!.

Florida students also can apply for scholarships to private in-state colleges. There is also another program that pays a set amount per credit hour instead of the annual tuition covered at state schools.

At another private school over 20 students will be assisted with very substantial aid packages so they can afford to attend the private school. Minority and low income students are eligible to apply for this program! And there is yet another financial program to help assist the "non-traditional" student - meaning those who are returning back to school and /or those who are attending school at "non-traditional" hours (ie weekends and evenings).

Another grant program is being offered to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing an education program. The grant has a maximum value of $4,000 per year toward an annual tuition cost of $9,338.

At one university over 70% of the undergraduate student body received an average scholarship award of over $11,000!

There is one university that still offers a scholarship that covers full tuition, room and board and an honors competition will be added as well! At another educational facility there are scholarships being offered for music and dance, another scholarship program which offers free room and board for Naval ROTC students another scholarship program offers amounts of $500 and up for Catholic high school graduates who attended a certain school.

Grants Available For Writers!

Over $100,000 in grant monies will be available for emerging writers and illustrators.

The closing date for applications is:

June 30, 2009!

*Please be advised that these grants are not available for writers in the United States!

However if you ARE eligible to apply for this grant these grants can be used for living allowances (including childcare) and/or to assist with travel and research costs associated with the preparation and writing of nominated projects.

The individual grant awards are at a maximum of $15,000 per recipient!

Scholarship Program For Women!

This is a scholarship program that will provide up to $45,000 in scholarship money for one year for women who want to return to their careers but who have had to interrupt their career choices for family reasons.

Even though this scholarship money is provided for one year only, applicants can apply again for an addition scholarship in a subsequent year.

You can find out more information about this scholarship by visiting their website.

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