Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do You Still Think That Individual Artists Can't Get Grants?

Here is a current listing of individual artists who have recently received grant money from a grant program in Ohio!

  • A state university motion pictures graduate has received a $5,000 grant award. The graduate heads a group that produces and films original sketch comedy shows.

  • A local sculptor who has also received grant money from this program says that his grant award "relieves financial worry, but it really makes me feel good about this place. When I tell artists who live elsewhere that my county gives tax money to individual artists, the envy is palpable."

  • A Watercolor artist was given a $10,000 lifetime achievement award

  • A Fiber artist was recognized for special achievement.

  • Nine other visual artists were presented with a $5,000 fellowship following a competitive review of applicants

  • Most of the money — $600,000 — went to 16 major arts and cultural groups for general operating support. Among them:

    • Farm

    • local museum

    • A Ballet Company

    • A Contemporary Dance Company

    • An Opera Company

    • A Philharmonic Orchestra

    • A Public Television Station

    • A Theatre Company

    • A Rhythm Group

    • A local radio station

A total of $137,415 in grants supporting special projects were awarded to 28 small and mid-sized groups following a competitive review process which included:

  • A Youth Leadership Group

  • An Asian American Council

  • A Holocaust Center received $5,500

  • An International Festival received $4,000

  • A Jazz Orchestra received $5,000

  • A Ballet Company received $6,000

  • A Chorus Group received $5,282

  • A K-12 program received a $10,000 grant award!

    *Please see my Grant Basics 101 - Daycare-Related Page for more information about grant programs for daycare!

  • A Children's Choir received $9,000

  • A Firefighters/EMS Association received $2,500

  • A Dance Collective received $7,000

  • A Church received $5,000

More information about this annual grant program is available by phone and website!


".....Armed with government grants, libraries began to digitize photo collections and other critical print material....."

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