Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our US Government Starting A Grant Program For Those In Haiti Who Want To Start Their Own Business

A $2 Million Dollar Investment Fund has been set up to help those Haitian Americans who have long dreamed of starting a business of their own but have lacked the capital to do so.

Requirements to be eligible for this funding include having a viable business plan and applicants must be willing to partner with Haiti's private sector to create jobs in the country.

This grant funding program is still in the process of being designed but applicants will be allowed to apply for up to $100,000 (£54,000) grants.

The US House of Representatives has approved the inclusion of $100m for hurricane relief and reconstruction assistance to Haiti and other Caribbean nations. So far the US has committed $30m in emergency relief to the island so far, including $2m for emergency bridges to help reconnect the country after eight major bridges collapsed. Also, with more than half of this year's harvest destroyed, the US program is redirecting the $279 Million Dollars it had already committed to the country to address agriculture needs and other concerns.

Greetings Rose,

My name is G~ and I found information about you as it relates to grant funding from While I don't want to take up much of your time, I believe that it is very necessary for me to ask for your assistance. My family is in a financial crisis and in need of grant funding to eliminate certain bils such as late mortgage payments, utility bills and other past due bills, credit cards and if possible, we are in need of funding for repairs to our home. Both my wife and I are disabled, we reside in Biloxi, Mississippi and we are african american. Although we are employed full time, our checks along are not nearly enough to deal with our overall costs for living, especially when you factor in the medical and work related transportation expenses. If you could be of any help at all, please reply to this inquiry as it is very important to us. If you offer any grant writing/proposal services please inform us of your pricing. If you are unable to assist us at all, we understand, please accept our apologies and I will not contact you any longer. We truly thank you for taking the time to reply to this inquiry and we truly thank you very much for your anticipated support and understanding.

The basic title of the services that I perform is called grant reasearch - which means I find grant programs that my clients are eligible to apply for.

Once they receive the grant program information they then decide whether or not they want to apply for the programs themselves or whether or not they want a grantwriter - either me or someone else they choose - to write the grant(s) proposal(s) for them.

Grant Program Discrepencies?

Investigators from the Department of the Interior found that $5.7 million in contracts that were supposed to go to "small businesses" were actually given to several Fortune 500 companies! The problem seems to have been brought about when it was found that some government workers "often click through mindlessly when entering information" into the computer system thus bringing about the errors! Some of the businesses that benefited from these errors includ Sherwin Williams and Home Depot! Other businesses and state agencies have also received money when they were ineligible to do so!

Although a small percentage of grant monies went to the wrong (or ineligible) recipient, such an investigation raises concern! It is not known whether or not the funded money will be returned.

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