Monday, November 5, 2007

Grant Programs Outside The United States - Wales versus London!

Of course its not only the United States that has grant programs. There are grant programs all over the world! There are even some grant programs that are open to any location on the globe (as long as they meet the other grant requirements). You can find out about some of these grant programs outside of the United States by going to my grants page and scrolling down to "Grant Programs Outside The United States. You can also visit my Dream Job Forum where there is a separate folder about grants outside the United States.

Wales vs London - It seems that there is quite a contrast as far as there being government grant programs being available for businesses in Wales. There are government grant programs available for businesses in Wales and in fact it has been charged that businesses in Wales depend too much on grants. This is supposed to be as opposed to London which is a more popular area nad has more access to more business networking opportunities. In other words it has been hinted that businesses in Wales should stop relying on government grants and work to bring their businesses to the attention of the (more popular) London area.

According to one study it seems that businesses in Wales rely or depend on government grants more than any other area of the UK for start-up money and financing.

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