Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Grant Program For A For-Profit Daycare?

I'm currently looking into a grant program that is for daycare facilities. I have a copy of their literature and have read through it. This grant program looks like a very good one! They provide grant money for daycare startups and for expansion programs for daycares already in operation.

The purpose of the grant program is to increase the number of available daycare in their state (This is a state daycare grant program only). Here is an excerpt about their grant program:

  • The remaining 75 percent (of grant money) is designated for competitive grants to assist providers with start-up expenses and first-year operating costs related to expansion. Providers may use funds for training, staff-related expenses, and for the purchase of equipment and supplies.

However there is just one slight problem with the information about this particular grant program and that is that their information does not say whether or not this grant program is also open for for-profit daycares to apply for. I couldn't find it in all of their literature and its not something that I want to guess. So I have emailed them to find out whether or not this grant program is open for for-profit daycares to apply for.

When I get a response from them I will post it here.

November 24, 2007 - Here is the response that I got from the director of the grant program:

Rose, Yes, our program is open to for profit child care facilities as long as they meet the criteria.

Grant Coordinator


The latest deadline to apply for this grant is

January 2008!

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