Saturday, June 29, 2013

Here Is Yet Another Grant Program For Individual Artists!

Eleven past grant recipients will have a unique opportunity to exhibit their work. 

“Over the past three years individual artists were awarded  grants.  These artists were given a chance to display the work they’ve created with the assistance of the grant, and a great opportunity for the community to see some of the best artists in the area.”

The grant program, which is designed to provide funds directly to artists, was one of the first programs of its kind. Grant recipients can use the money they are awarded however they choose, from purchasing supplies, covering exhibition expenses and renting studio space to anything else that will allow them to devote more time to their art.

This grant program  started in 1983 and has awarded grants to approximately 84 artists. Past grant recipients a ceramics artist, printmaker and abstract painter.

Individuals can learn more about this grant program by visiting the organization’s website or by sending an email.

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